Khmer Girls in Action Makes Voting Easier

Education — By on October 26, 2012 12:08 am

By VoiceWaves Youth Reporter Justine Calma via Khmer Girls in Action

Hoping to help voters make decisions that support a healthy Long Beach, Khmer Girls In Action created a voter guide. The guide reflects their values of gender justice, racial justice, and economic justice.


KGA wants the community to vote to build political power and create policy change that impacts our families and friends. We want to exercise our voting rights and make our voices heard!

Click on the image to the left to see the voter guide enlarged. The guide is also available in Khmer.



KGA is supporting the Long Beach Living Wage campaign because we believe that a living wage is a human right. We want hotel workers, and all workers, to earn a living wage so that families and our local economy can thrive. We made a video expressing how a living wage would change the lives of our families and community.

Check out the video, “Strong Beach Deserves a Living Wage” produced by KGA. The video gives some information about poverty in Long Beach, and includes personal testimonies from Long Beach youth about why their families deserve a living a wage.

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